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Chief Master Instructor: Master Bedlow

From the age of six Master Bedlow began his Martial Arts and Spiritual training studying Yoga and discovered there was more to life than life presents. He also began to realise the importance of getting to know yourself and the benefits this brings. 

He started to practice the art of Tae Kwon Do and gained a lot of experience. He then went on to further his studies in Kick Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, and Ju Jitsu. Each art has been equally beneficial and have all complemented one another.

With his many years of study and experience, he realized that to systemize his findings would develop a new way of Martial Arts training. Over 17 years ago he began to document his learning’s and from this developed his own unique training system namely ‘Fu Jau 9 Limb Boxing’. Master Bedlow has been training in this style for many years and it has brought him huge personal success both on the Competition circuit and as a Master Instructor.

Master Bedlow became an instructor because he wanted to share his experiences.
He gets great satisfaction from benefiting someone’s life in a positive way and helping people become Leaders. Master Bedlow has a lot to give both on the physical and spiritual aspects of Martial Arts. He has gone on to create over 100 National Champions, 20 World Champions and helped hundreds of people become Champions of their lives.

Since Master Bedlow’s semi retirement from Kickboxing Competition this has enable him to advance his advance his training in, Jujitsu, Submission Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. As the Martial Arts world is evolving this has seen Master Bedlow training and Las Vegas training with the best trainers in the Mixed Martial Arts business namely Randy Couture and Wanderlei Silva.



Listed below are some of Master Bedlow’s sporting achievements.

1998 W.K.A British Champion
1998 W.U.M.A World Champion
1998 W.K.A World Champion
1999 W.K.A British Champion
1999 W.U.M.A European Champion 
1999 W.K.A World Champion
Semi-Retirement from competition
2003 Irish Open Champion
2003 W.A.K.O British Champion

Semi-Retirement from competition



“Live life in Peace not in Pieces”
Master Bedlow




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