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Fu Jau Academy Student Testimonials
Humza and Yousuf have both now been with the Fu Jau Academy for approximately two months. They are both a lot more focused especially academically and are more willing to try more things i.e at school. Humza is now a member of the school council and I think this is down to the confidence building he has learnt at Fu Jau.
For both, I believe they are not as shy as when they first started and will speak out more than before.
Humza Raees Age 8,Yousuf Raees Age 6
When I first started Fu Jau, I was quite small
In stature and in height, but now I’ve grown tall. 
I really have to concentrate and listen to what I’m told,
And slowly my confidence has started to unfold. 
Master Bedlow is the teacher,
With his wise words and Praise.
I can’t think of anything better than Fu Jau
To brighten up my days.
From nothing to a black belt I’ve become,
And it is all thanks to Fu Jau.
It’s the number 1!
Tyler Barton Age 7
Master Bedlow mixes the training up, so no two classes are the same. Beats the gym any day. Mrs Bedlow is very efficient.
 Peter Wrennal   Age 43    
In my personality, I feel good.
Jake Adey   Age 13
It has helped me build my confidence up. And helped me to protect myself in future.
Josie Mason Age 10
Fu Jau has helped me to make the right choices and boosted myself belief at the point when most have difficulties dealing with social situations and life in general.
Kristina Jones   Age 14
Fu Jau has helped me to focus at my work and get a promotion. It has also helped me stop smoking and make me a confident character.
Clint McCarthy Age 28
Fu Jau has put the bounce back in my step and pride back in my stride.
My fitness has improved immensely and the leadership classes have provided confidence and clarity, ???????both my professional and personal life.
It has been the most positive action I have taken in the past years and I am enjoying it hugely.
Richard Margetts Age 36
When I first started Fu Jau I was very shy and wasn’t overly confident. Now 3 years later I have achieved my black belt and my social skills have tremendously improved. Fu Jau has breathed new life into me and has given me charisma, good self-esteem and the motivation I need to go about every day life.
Tim Jones Age 17
Has increased my motivation levels and given me something to strive for with continuing??? Challenges.
Also has done my health and fitness levels the world of good.
Andrew Shaw Age 43
My children have so far, learnt a great deal, it has helped them to build their confidence immensely. Master Bedlow’s teaching/coaching skills are brilliant.
Sulaiman Malik Age 5,Aaman Malik Age 10
Since I started Fu Jau I have found I have lost over a stone in weight, my fitness has improved and I’m more self-aware. I have a lot more respect for myself and the people around me. Also Master Bedlow always push’s you to get the best out of you.
Paul Bawdling Age 29
Since joining the Fu Jau academy I have gained confidence in all parts of my life working and social.
Through determination my fitness has improved immensely. 
Paul Dade Age 39
I have gained lots of confidence and strength since starting. I feel determined to take on lots of other things.
Remy Dade Age 8
Since stating I have become very confident in everything I do. I feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to. 
Amar Dade Age 6
I joined Fu Jau over 6 months ago. I didn’t think I would last two weeks!
I came here, as I wanted to learn self-defence.
I feel more confidence and I have to say I have learnt a lot more about Martial arts, fitness and self-defence than I originally thought.
I thoroughly enjoy coming here, there’s a lot to learn and therefore I think its better than the gym.
Aman Dhanoa Age 27
Throughout the years Fu Jau has benefited me, through all aspects of my life, whether that be physically, mentally or socially. Without Master Bedlow and the Academy, I would not be where I am today. I have had amazing opportunities and also conquered fears and achieved goals.
I enjoy training at Fu Jau as it helped me become a leader and gain confidence, and it has improved my social skills. Overall, thank you to Fu Jau.
Sarah Clarke Age 16






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